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Backing Track Productions | Music Production | Audio Repair | Mixing & Mastering | Showreels | Voiceovers | Artiste Management & more.

Phonic-Media Audio & Video Production Services

Backing Track Productions | Music Production | Audio Repair | Mixing & Mastering | Showreels | Voiceovers | Artiste Management & more.

Bespoke Backing Tracks

Bespoke Backing Tracks

At Phonic-Media, we produce high end, bespoke playback /backing tracks for live use as well as many other audio services like Mixing & Mastering, Audio Restoration, Voiceover & Podcast, Showreel Production, editing and much more.

You may have noticed that It's not quite as easy as downloading backing tracks and finding that all the levels are correct. All tracks have different EQ's that require balancing so that the bass isn't too boomy or the high-end EQ isn't too piercing.

Volumes then need levelling out so that they playback just like your favourite songs on a standard CD (You never have to reach for the volume control between songs on a CD, right???) This is because they have been produced to a specific broadcast standard. The same is true when it comes to using backing tracks live on stage. The same principle applies for Voiceovers, Podcasts, YouTube audio etc, etc. If you're looking for that professional balanced sound and levels on ALL your audio, then Phonic-Media can help.

If you are a musician using backing tracks, ask yourself:

Do I find myself altering volumes on each song I perform? 

Do I have to alter bass output or any EQ levels during my performance?

Do I use substandard playback tracks that fade out or fade in?

Do I use lower quality midi files or mp3 files for my playback backing tracks?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, we can certainly help improve your show and performance.


All of our backing tracks are bespoke and are balanced to a professional broadcast standard. How does this help you? This means that all your track volumes and EQ's will be exactly the same so that once you have completed your sound check you should never have to touch your settings for the rest of your performance, leaving you to concentrate on what matters most..... your show.

If you want that professionaly balanced sound for your show, the best place to start is with your backing/playback tracks.

We can even correct and enhance any issues with the tracks you currently use.

Please just forward your tracks to us and we'll eliminate any hiss, pops or other problems with your backing tracks. Your tracks will then be sent back to you fully EQ'd and volume balanced. Alternatively, we can create the backing tracks for you. Please see our other services.


Once you have your newly polished tracks, we are sure you’ll be eager to showcase your new professional sound to your audiences. We are sure this will result in repeated future bookings, so it's money well spent. Yes, for a small price we can create the perfectly balanced backing tracks for your performances. It surely has to be worth it.

We offer 2 main services for musicians who are requiring backing tracks.

Firstly, we can use your current backing tracks and bring them up to broadcast standard ready for your live use. 

Secondly, we can create brand new tracks for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements on: 07786 985198

Please don't hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 7786 985198.

(We produce the vast majority of our backing tracks from stems that we already have on file or can source from 3rd party studio's. This enables us to produce them for you at such a low cost. However, if the stem files aren't readily available, your track would have to be recorded from scratch which can cost £300 or more.)